Economical consumption, Superior performance

Using Bosch electronically controlled CRS and EGR technology. Exactly the high pressure fuel injection volume. The combustion is fully and evenly to realize fuel conservation and environmental protection.

Winner of three consecutive “Best Fuel-efficient Engine Award”.

ZG24 gasoline engine
Using the advanced MT20 electronic control system of DELPHI, the dynamic performance is outstanding, achieving high-power(102kW) and high-torque(217N•m).

High pressure common rail fuel injection systems

Fuel-efficient engines Award
The Third China International Truck Energy Conservation Contest


Perfect and Safe

ZONE-BODY design.The trapezoidal frame structure, with a 30cm buffer area in front, effectively protects vehicle occupants. The rigid front and rear metallic bumpers, accompanied with collapsible steering column and softening instrument panel, forming a perfect combination. The luxury type also equipped with ABS and reverse radar to strengthen positive protection.

Adjustable steering wheel

High rigidity trapezoidal frame structure